We make brands live

At unique and exclusive events with a French twist, we connect with people’s dreams and passions through the inherent appeal of the moment. We create experiential opportunities for access, self-expression, entertainment and connections to incite deep brand actions — a click, a visit, trial, purchase, trade-up or opt-in — we facilitate success through the senses!

Brand Socialization
Activate potential consumers by creating value in an exclusive environment in a way that drives behaviour change and reinforces your brand.

Connect with consumers in the perfect venues of exclusivity, places for them to have the ultimate sensory interaction with a brand, an interaction only possible under the ApéroChic umbrella.

Our Brand

Casual elegant afterwork networking with a French twist at trendy and chic locations in Toronto.

Consistently the #1 afterwork event in Toronto for the last 6 years

  • 1 event per month (minimum)
  • Professional Francophile event team
  • 350 attendees/event (average), 1,500 for largest event: Bastille Day
  • 90% of events are completely sold out
  • 10,000+ direct mailing members
  • Urban professionals
  • Francophiles that like the French culture, but do not necessarily speak French

Our Members

International background, reflection of Toronto’s population

Our Promise

Potency is assured as all brand messages are exclusive, undiluted and completely on target. Integrity is a given, due to guaranteed prestige co-marketing, with a brand as particular about its venues, music, themes, pricing and communication as it is about its partners also being in-line with the ApéroChic brand.

Consistency is guaranteed by brand entrenchment in consumers minds through a minimum of 12 yearly events that reinforce a brand’s positioning.

Toronto venue