Apérochic VIP Membership


Become a VIP member and  receive membership benefits (see below).

Any question? membership@aperochic.ca




Become a one-year VIP member and  receive membership benefits such as:
Access the mainstream ApéroChic monthly event for free (Under $20), hassle-free registration for free events, discounted tickets for any event above $20, priority registration to events, priority access for check-in. This includes a dedicated, limited number of tickets to the speaker networking series ApéroSpeak, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Membership also includes access to member-only events made up of smaller groups enjoying even more unique experiences, dedicated spots for popular events in order to allow for last minute registration, dedicated seating, services and tastings, location permitting. 24 hours advance cancellation instead of 7 days (for paid tickets), special discounts from partners and sponsors, and a dedicatedMembers only page on the ApéroChic website.