July 5, 2018

ApéroSpeak – A Taste of Luxury Champagne & Macarons

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By Wendy A. Joseph

It was another incredible night at this great Apérochic event, which was held in the beautiful showroom of Bulthaup Kitchen.  Apérochic prepared an exclusively sweet cocktail event for their guests to come and sip a glass of champagne with a taste of one of the delicious French treats of a macaron, while watching and listening to Nadège, chef and owner of Nadège Patisserie. The guests all looked out in wonder as Nadège demonstrated how to make her famous Macarons.


Bulthaup cooking demonstration showroom is a wonderful design showroom that gives you that feeling of that wonderful house party we had, where everyone congregates into the kitchen for the evening, enjoying cocktails and wine while having a conversation with friends and family. It is warm and inviting, which drives the evening festivities. Bulthaup kitchen showroom is a focal point, creating an inviting environment for social interaction among your guests.


After the presentation I had the pleasure of interviewing Nadège Nourian. 

NadègeNourian is the chef and owner of Nadège Patisserie in Toronto. Since the opening of her shops in 2009, Nadège has delighted Torontonians with modern dessert creations. Showered with numerous accolades from critics, the press, and the blogosphere, Nadège is clearly viewed as a game changer in Toronto’s pastry scene. Born in Lyon, France, Nadège is a fourth generation pastry chef. Prior to opening her patisseries in Toronto, Nadège has worked alongside MOF’s in patisseries in France and in world renowned and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Wendy: What inspired you to become a pastry chef?

Nadège: I am from a generation of pastry chefs, my parents owned a restaurant and it was my grandparents and great
grandparents who were pastry chefs, so I was in the world of food very young. I was helping my parents in the restaurant and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in front or back of the house, but it was a little bit later when I was about 19 or 20 years old that I decided that it was pastries that I wanted to do and it was a joy for my grandmother. It came from that and people we met and helping my grandmother. I liked it and since for more than 20 years there was a new way of making cakes, that is more beautiful and that is what I liked to do.

Wendy: How many locations do you currently own and where are they located?

Nadège: We have four locations, plus a commissary kitchen. The locations can be found on the website at www.nadege-patisserie.com.

Wendy: If there were anything else in the world you could do for a career, what would it be?

Nadège: I don’t know, as you get older, there are so many things in the world you see, but at the end of the day, I really like what I do. I like the business side of being a pastry chef; I have met a lot of people in finance, which I find interesting, but I think I am an entrepreneur at heart.

Wendy: Was your family supportive when you told them you wanted to be a pastry chef?

Nadège: My parents not so much, because my dad thought I would be a lawyer, because I was argumentative. My grandmother was very happy about it and now my parents are very proud of what I have accomplished.

 Wendy:  What advice would you give to an inspiring student pastry chef who wanted to be successful like you?

Nadège: I would tell them they have to be very passionate, work very hard and you cannot do it for the money, you must have the passion. If you like to feed people, and want to be part of the service industry, you should have the generosity to make people happy and that is what it is. You want people to be happy when they bite into your pastry.

Bulthaup Toronto Inc. is owned and operated by Stefan T. Sybydlo. I also interviewed Stefan.

Wendy: What inspired you to get into this business? And was this in your career plans?

Stefan: I actually married into the Bulthaup family and in an indirect way I ended up doing this. This wasn’t in my career plan, it was accidental, but it’s been 13 years I have been doing this and I love doing this. The experience we’ve had the pass 13 years, has been great. I love dealing with our clients, we have a really good client base, which is what makes it easy dealing with good people and a great product.

Wendy: Do you have other showroom locations? 

Stefan: Just one and in Canada the other location is in Vancouver, there is a dealer out there.

Wendy: Any plans to expand and have other showrooms in other cities in Canada or the States?

Stefan: In America there are 16 showrooms, it’s a product that is sold in every major centre, where there is a community to support it. More recently Mexico City, Columbia, and Santiago Chili, they are opening up. Connecticut I think a dealer is opening there. It’s a smaller client base. I would love to see a store in Montreal; I think Montreal can support a store, here in Toronto, with

13 years doing this and superb client base. It’s been very interesting the people we have gotten to know. Just seeing the city developed from 13 years ago, the questions we were asked were much different than we are now. We have become wealthier, more cosmopolitan, a global city. It’s a solid contender, a B town, the A towns are London and New York and we are a Solid B town. I am happy living here. I am from here, but there is so much going on especially now, food wise, design wise and architectural, there is so much change, and going forward just watching the city expand that way is very interesting and we are kind of part of it I think.

Wendy: Do you have a lot of private parties here and events?

Stefan: We have events here yes, it’s been awhile since we had something like the APÉROSPEAK event, but we are definitely geared up, the one kitchen here is live, so we have cooking events and demonstration events. Hopefully we will have Nadège come back. It gives us a chance for the brand to be experienced as well. The business keeps me so busy doing external events, that it is a lot of extra work. We need to hire someone to take care of the events on this side, as it gets busier as the years go by.

Once again, this Apérochic social event was a huge success.

The next Apérochic event is on July 17, at Cabana Pool Bar, to celebrate the French National Day, called Bastille Day, beginning at 6:30pm. You can reserve your spot on the website at www.aperochic.ca

By Wendy A. Joseph


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